Peter’s Story

Peter’s Story…

Length of Stay: 23/12/2013 – 12/10/2015

Peter was diagnosed with an acute transient psychotic disorder and unspecified mental retardation. He was socially isolative and required high levels of support. With aggressive and violent behaviour he was admitted to Burnley General Hospital.


  • Violent
  • Aggressive
  • Socially Isolate
  • Destructive

What Clifton Lawns did for Peter…

Taking a practical approach we hired a tutor for Peter to help him with literacy and financial skills. To give Peter more independence we arranged for him to have some travel training so that he was able to travel from his family home to Clifton Lawns independently. We worked with him on promoting good physical health, including diet and exercise and a good living environment.


  • Hired Tutor
  • Travel Training
  • Promoted good physical health and hygiene
  • Promoted good living environment

The Result…

Peter has now moved into his new home. To make sure everything ran smoothly he received transitional support visits from the staff at Clifton Lawns to help him settle in. The training he received on using public transport has been a big help to Peter independence. He’s able to enjoy his membership at the local gym and keep his healthy lifestyle choice a priority.

“I just wanted to pass my gratitude on to you and the staff at Clifton Lawns for the work you have done with Peter. He has settled into his new accommodation and although he has some way to go I do feel the foundation work you did was so important”

Dawn Wake
Post by Dawn Wake

I am the Registered Manger at Clifton Lawns, you can contact me direct on 01254 703220 or email

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