Our Approach to Recovery at Clifton Lawns

Using the recovery model


The mental health foundation state that;

In mental health, recovery does not always refer to the process of complete recovery from a mental health problem in the way that we may recover from a physical health problem. For many people, the concept of recovery is about staying in control of their life despite experiencing a mental health problem.

Putting recovery into action means focusing care on supporting recovery and building the resilience of people with mental health problems, not just on treating or managing their symptoms.

The recovery model aims to help people with mental health problems to look beyond mere survival and existence. It encourages them to move forward, set new goals and do things and develop relationships that give their lives meaning.

Recovery emphasises that, while people may not have full control over their symptoms, they can have full control over their lives. Recovery is not about ‘getting rid’ of problems. It is about seeing beyond a person’s mental health problems, recognising and fostering their abilities, interests and dreams.

Recovery can be a voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. Experiences of mental illness can provide opportunities for change, reflection and discovery of new values, skills and interests.



Research has found that important factors on the road to recovery include:


  • Good Relationships
  • Financial Security
  • Satisfying Work
  • Personal Growth
  • The Right Living Environment
  • Developing One’s Own Cultural Or Spiritual Perspectives
  • Developing Resilience To Possible Adversity Or Stress In The Future


Further factors highlighted by people as supporting them on their recovery journey include:


  • Being Believed In
  • Being Listened To And Understood
  • Getting Explanations For Problems Or Experiences
  • Having The Opportunity To Temporarily Resign Responsibility During Periods Of Crisis.In addition, it is important that anyone who is supporting someone during the recovery process encourages them to develop their skills and supports them to achieve their goals.

Recovery Star Model

The recovery model used at Clifton Lawns is based on the Recovery Star Model. All RMN’s at Clifton Lawns are trained in the use of this model and support service users to discuss important issues, assess where they are now and where they are going.
These assessments help service users set realistic and achievable goals in their recovery.

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At clifton Lawns we have had the pleasure of helping many people back to happy, independent lives. Here are a few recent success stories.

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