Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story…

Length of Stay: 24/02/2015 – 11/09/2015

Tom was being treated at Cheadle Royal Hospital for Bi-Polar disorder. With a history of self harm and after a series of family bereavements he had now suffered a mental breakdown and was expressing suicidal thoughts. Toms mood was manic and he had become sexually disinhibited. Whilst on the ward at Cheadle hospital Tom had become in a catatonic state.


  • Sexually Disinhibited
  • Manic and Elated Mood
  • Suicidal Thoughts

What Clifton Lawns did for Tom…

Tom attended support groups and personal one on one sessions to help him better understand his illness. These sessions helped Tom to develop coping strategies and to work out signs of when he was feeling unwell. He also learned about medication compliance that would enable him to self-medicate and give him more independence. Tom engaged in therapeutic activities to help him keep physically and mentally well, giving him a sense of achievement and self worth. We worked closely with Tom’s family and helped him to develop the social skills and relationships needed for him to succeed on his own.


  • Medication Compliance
  • Recovery Star Groups
  • Group Support
  • 1:1 Support
  • Social Skills
  • Therapeutic Activities

The Result…

Tom was now looking forward to returning to work as a landscape gardner. Being able to interact well with others and enjoy day to day activities Tom has been able to achieve good relationships again with his family and is enjoying living back in his own home.

“We are really pleased with the progress Tom has made whilst at Clifton Lawns and I will definitely consider Clifton Lawns as an option for other service users”

Dawn Wake
Post by Dawn Wake

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